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COCOA KIDS FEST - Sunday 24th October 2021



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Sunday 24th October 2021

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Cocoa Girl Magazine Talks to Alesha Dixon

We are so excited to be talking to Alesha Dixon @aleshaofficial live on Thursday 19th August at 6 pm. We will be discussing her new book Girls Rule @scholastic_uk followed by a mini talent show. Join us live on @cocoagirlmag -

London mum creates magazine for black kids

A London mum is publishing two magazines to inspire black children after ignoring advice that “no one would be interested”.
Serlina Boyd is preparing to officially launch Cocoa Girl and Cocoa Boy after spotting a gap in the market during lockdown.

“I wanted to find some magazines for my daughter. I don’t tend to buy a lot of magazines and I tried to find a magazine that really had black children in it and represented her and there was nothing out there. So I thought let’s do our own,” Serlina told ITV News London.

Serlina said her magazines were packed full black role models, adding:

“I’m doing it because there is a need! And there is a lot of interest. Lots of people want it and for my community it’s exciting and it’s needed.”

She rejected the opinion of a former colleague who questioned whether she should go ahead with the project. Serlina now hopes the magazines will help educate readers about black history.

“With these black history work books within the magazine it gets children to really research and to really find out about the prominent leaders that did magnificent things in history. The first one we’ve got is Mary Seacole, it’s really exciting,” she added.


The magazines began being publicised on a Facebook page and orders are now being taken on the website for the July launch of Cocoa Girl. Cocoa Boy will follow in September.

London mum launches magazines for black children after ignoring advice ‘no one would be interested


During lockdown, six-year-old Faith and her mother Serlina searched for magazines that represented children like her.

The realisation that there was a lack of diversity in magazines for younger girls led them to embark on designing and printing the first ever UK magazine for black girls aged seven to 14.

Since publication, Cocoa Girl has experienced a surge in sales, selling more than 11,000 copies since it launched in June – at a time when print magazine sales are in decline.

Reporter/Producer: Amanda Kirton

Mother/Daughter Duo Launches First Magazine in the UK for Black Girls To Inspire Them

This is true hustle and purpose right here! A mom and daughter in the UK have created their own magazines, the firsts to celebrate black girls and boys in the region.

Serlina Boyd and her six-year-old daughter Faith noticed that publications that they picked up regularly lacked diversity. Faith wanted to read magazines as a part of her homeschooling lessons during the quarantine. However, she didn’t see people who looked like her.

Serlina made it her mission to create a magazine with her daughter that would be an inspiration for Faith and other black girls. Along with Faith as editor, Serlina created Cocoa Girl, the first magazine in the UK for black girls aged seven to 14.

The magazine features inspirational and empowering content for these girls. Topics include everything from affirmations and taking care of natural hair to facts and lessons about black culture.

Since its launch in June, Cocoa Girl has sold over 11,000 copies, which is a marvel for an independent magazine in a time where magazine sales across the world are in decline. For Serlina, though, what matters most is that other black girls are seeing themselves reflected in this magazine. “There [are] a few mothers that have bought this magazine as a surprise for their daughter,” Serlina shared in an interview with BBC. “Some of them have never seen a black girl on the cover of a magazine before.”

It meant the world to this mom that her daughter would be able to see herself on the cover and throughout this magazine. “I knew that she was struggling with what she looked like,” Serlina said of Faith. “This journey that she’s gone on to love her hair, to love her skin tone, to love everything about herself is the most amazing thing that’s happened. I’m just hoping other little girls can go on that journey too.”
Serlina and Faith will also launch a magazine for boys, appropriately titled Cocoa Boy, which is set to come out this September. Though both Cocoa Girl and Cocoa Boy feature black children, Serlina hopes that children from all races will pick up a copy. “These magazines aren’t just for black children,” she stated. “They are for children from all races as it teaches them about the black culture and black history.”

In a world where black people are not celebrated as much as their white counterparts, it’s important to have that representation. It’s important to see others that look like you doing what you want to do because it makes you feel like you can do it too!

Even these two just starting their own magazine is motivation for me! It goes to show that, with determination and passion, you can accomplish pretty much anything.

Watch more of this story below!

Egmont to publish two from Cocoa magazine founder Serlina Boyd

Egmont Books has acquired two non-fiction titles from Cocoa magazine founder Serlina Boyd.

Inspired by Boyd's six-year-old daughter, Cocoa Girl, the UK’s first magazine to celebrate Black girls, was launched during the first lockdown in 2020, and grew a readership of 10,000 children in only four weeks primarily through online sales. Cocoa Boy was launched shortly afterwards.

Boyd believes strongly in giving Black children a voice, by educating them about Black culture and Black role models in a fun and engaging way and the "overwhelming positive feedback" for the magazines confirmed to Boyd that there is a crucial need to build a strong brand for young Black girls and boys who are often misrepresented by mainstream media.
Boyd's first book Cocoa Girl — Awesome Hair: Your Step By Step Guide To Styling Afro Hair is aimed at readers aged six to 10 and is billed as a "celebration of beautiful Black hair". It will feature natural hair tutorials and show readers how to create their favourite hairstyles, along with fun facts, famous looks and tips from real-life girls.

Rebecca Oku, publisher at Egmont Books, signed the deal for world rights in all languages. Cocoa Girl — Awesome Hair will be published on 5th August 2021, with a second major wave of marketing scheduled for World Afro Hair Day on 15th September 2021. Boyd's second title will follow in 2022.

Oku commented: "I am delighted that Serlina has chosen to partner with us on these books that celebrate Black girls, Black culture and Black history. Cocoa Girl — Awesome Hair will showcase black hairstyles with tutorials and tips, championing the beauty and history of Black hair which is so often underrepresented in mainstream media."

Boyd said: "I am thrilled to be working with Egmont, Faith my daughter has been an avid fan of Egmont since falling in love with the Mr Men Little Miss books as a toddler. The books we are creating have never been done before and are sure to be a big hit globally."