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Inspired by her daughter, founder Serlina Boyd launched the UK’s first magazine to celebrate Black girls, Cocoa Girl and a few months later launched Cocoa Boy. Cocoa magazine is published by Cocoa Publishing and gives Black children a voice whilst educating the community about the Black culture. Schools have been subscribing to the publication across the UK because it is also used as an educational tool to prevent bullying, by children engaging with other cultures beyond their own they can learn more about each other and work together.

Cocoa magazine is filled with inspiring and empowering content for children aged 7-11 years old, children are at the heart of the magazine, they also write and create the content. Many have said Cocoa magazine was “The most exciting launch in the Children’s sector with a real USP”. As seen from extensive media coverage Cocoa Girl issue 1, sold over 11,000 copies just from online orders, and at one point it was selling over 1,000 copies a day.

The Cocoa Dream is the charity arm of Cocoa Publishing. The society is dedicated to helping all children and especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds increase their literacy skills by running FREE writing/journalism workshops in schools, children indoor centres and art galleries. The society plans to raise money for a hub where children can come together and learn to write and become journalists. We will also run parent groups, facilitate a SEN Centre and empower the community with a few community festival events each year. Cocoa is more than just a magazine it is a community.

Cocoa  WON the ‘Newcomer Award’ at The Independent Awards 2020 and ‘Launch of the Year’ at The BSME Awards 2020.

JUDI LOVE: Black, Female and Invisible(Channel 4 documentary)

As part of a documentary with channel 4 we made a special title called Cocoa Women. This can be found inside the March 2022 issue of Cocoa Girl.