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About us

Serlina Boyd had an empowering idea to help build her six-year-old daughter's confidence after she experienced difficulties at school because of the colour of her skin.

She decided to publish and design the Cocoa Girl book which led to a magazine. This magazine was started during lockdown and empowers black girls around the world who are more likely to be insulted about their looks by the age of 8 years old.

Cocoa Girl magazine is filled with inspiring and empowering content for young Black Girls aged 7-11 years old. This has also led to the launch of Cocoa Boy magazine.

“The most exciting launch in the Children’s sector with a real USP” Cocoa is the UK’s first magazine representing Black children

As seen from extensive media coverage Cocoa Girl issue 1 has sold over 11,000 copies just from online orders, at one point it was selling over 1,000 copies a day.

Cocoa is an educational tool that teaches children about black culture whilst profiling black role models. These magazines help to build a strong community for young black girls and boys who are often misrepresented by mainstream media.

The UK's first Black Girls' magazine

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Launched in July 2020, our Cocoa Girl magazine editions are released bimonthly. Check out the latest products below and be sure to get your hands on the latest copy!

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